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What you need to know if you are thinking about remodeling!
By Mike Dauplaise • Green Bay Press-Gazette – Gallery of Homes • 12/19/02

Some builders do a few remodeling jobs on the side to fill in the gaps on new housing projects. Then there's Steven R. Metzler.

Along with the custom homes for which Metzler Construction is well known, about half of the company's business comes from remodeling projects. From small projects to total renovations, no remodeling job is beyond the expertise of Steve and his team.

"A lot of the remodeling jobs are more extensive than starting a new home from scratch," Steve says. "Some people have places that hold sentimental value, and they want to see at least part of that structure still standing when we're done with the project."

"A lot of guys do remodeling as a fill-in, but my business isn't that way. I find large remodeling jobs more of a challenge than building a new home."

Steve Metzler

Building is in Steve's blood. He began working as a teenager with his father, Ray, who started the business in 1952. They later worked as partners from 1985 until Ray's retirement in 1996, and today Steve's son, Marcus, is a full-time team member.

Both Steve and Marcus do their own CAD drawings, and typically complete the framing and finishing work on home projects. For remodeling jobs, Steve takes photos of the existing houses, and takes them back to his computer to help draw up the plans.

"Using a plan service is OK if you're building a new home," he explains, "but there is a lot more detailed planning involved with a remodeling project. With large remodeling jobs, we constantly run into problems with how things were built years ago that aren't up to code today."

Construction remodeling projects are truly remarkable. One Door County cottage owner requested that the building be picked up, turned a different direction and moved closer to Lake Michigan, then triple-sized with additions. Steve and his father also completed a $1 million remodeling job during their partnership.

Because many of Metzler Construction's jobs are scattered in locals such as Door County, Brown County, and the "Up North" region, they normally have only 1-2 projects going at a time. This allows Steve to be an on-site contractor, in a position to make decisions without delay.

"A lot of contractors are what I call phone contractors, and they don't always understand everything as well as someone who is on the job site all the time," Steve explains. "Being an on-the-site contractor and growing up in the business, I understand how things should be built. I've basically done this my whole life."

Many of Metzler Construction's subcontractors are regular contributors to projects, which leads to a continuity of quality from one job to the next.

Along with framing and finishing work, the Metzlers also installs Pella Windows, and James Hardie cement siding for their customers who request the laminated cement product. It's a step up in durability and price from vinyl siding, and provides protection from dents tears and fading.

Call Metzler Construction to discuss your new home or remodeling project dreams at 339-3266.

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